• Delegation departs Savannah on November 1
  • A 16 hour flight and 12 hour time difference later, they arrive November 2 in Shanghai-Pudong, China and make a connection flight to Nanchang to put them in Eastern China close to our Sister City Jiujiang

Around the world in 26 hours.  Delta brings efficiency and comfort to the edge (as in very cramped and uncomfortable). Each day they load hundreds of people into a Boeing 747 and fly for 16 hours from concourse E in ATL to Shanghai.

Going east actually means going north at 500 mph at 40,000 feet– from Atlanta to Lake Michigan, Ontario, Canada,  and over the Northwest Territory of Canada.  Then the flight goes over Siberia, Northern China, south toward Beijing and crosses the Huongpu River and its port at a few hundred feet where we landed smoothly and into Pudong International Airport just east of Shanghai.

Our group (Savannah, Hinesville, and Brunswick) quickly gathered its gear and braved the fortunately-“light”, but extremely scary to us, Sunday traffic across Shanghai to its eastern and more-domestic airport.  We passed a mixture of Asian-modern midrise and high rise housing and office buildings which only partially obscurred the small and more ramshackly “old China” building and neighborhoods.  Cranes and construction were everywhere with work underway even on Sunday and even in the dark.

We made our East China Air connection with 2 minutes to spare and some of us fell instantly asleep for most of the one hour flight to Nanchang. The provincial capital city, Nanchang is a city of 4 million (we think, but small by China standards) which is developing furiously but has attractive streetscapes, trees, and street level shops topped with apartments.  Office towers dotted the darkened landscape.

So after innumerable hours with short and fitfull naps, everyone got a light but totally authentic Chinese dinner and got some well-deserved bed rest to ready ourselves for a busy first day in Nanchang in Jiangxi Province.