This morning, the delegations from Savannah, Hinesville and Brunswick toured several businesses including a “Beautiful Look of Kohler” industry and Tellhow, a leading company that makes generators and building control systems. We also toured a building that featured a model of the Jiangxi Province to get a perspective on the development plans for the area. The delegation’s morning exploration ended with a tour of the Tengwang Pavilion. The Pavilion was a beautiful tribute to the 3,000 year old history of the Jiangxi Province.

The day ended with a media interview and dinner with the Jiangxi Province Vice Governor, Mr. Sun Gang, and three important officials from Jiangxi. Mayor Johnson proudly presented Vice Governor Sun with the wrought iron sculpture made by John Boyd Smith, and a wonderful banquet followed. After the obligatory toasts, all delegations will rest well tonight as we look forward to heading off to our sister cities in the morning.

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